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Clean Up Course

Feel full of energy - and light!

Together, we go through a 21 Day Nutrition Reset!

What you learn:

  • focus is on gut health - and how to reset and balance out your gut
  • which macro ratios are best for you and your energy and balance
  • how to go through life full of energy and lightness consistently

Shift focus on yourself for a phase of reset and cleaning up - you are worth it!

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What other women say:

Those hormonal shifts in peri-menopause hit me hard - and honestly, without Barbara, I would have not even known what is going on. CLEAN UP has put me back on track and I am feeling as good - or even better - than before!

Sabrina M.

I really struggled the first 10 days of CLEAN UP - but then, I started to feel light and clean... and my energy is incredible! I will continue to work with Barbara to refine my strategies, really make them stick and to continue to feel my best!

Mary L.