$197.00 USD

Mini-Course: fabulous (peri)menopause

Foundational Movement, Nutrition + Self-Care Habits

What you get:

  • The relief of knowing that you are not alone, not going crazy - and that there are specific action steps to support you through this time
  • Clarity on where to start so that you feel back in control
  • 5 short Videos + several Handouts covering the WHAT (what is perimenopause and menopause), the WHY (why are my healthy habits important to how I experience this time and the rest of my life), and the HOW (what are the key habits and recommendations on how to optimize nutrition, movement and self-care) 
  • My recommendations on foundational supportive supplements for this period

This mini-course is a fantastic way to get you started on your journey towards finding your thrive!


What used to work for me in nutrition, my workouts and my overall healthy lifestyle just did not have the same effects anymore. My hormones started to go crazy and so did I - and my body and metabolism as well! Thanks to Barbara I can stop being confused about the newest diets or whatever trends - I know where to start and what to do. And yes - I do already feel so much better. And I feel understood and guided. Even if things get complicated and confusing - Barbara stays calm and even helps me in navigating things with my doctor. I can only recommend Optimum You!

Monica S.